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Derron Swan

Derron Swan

President of House Call Entertainment

We are here to help your club, festival, or casino off the ground. We understand the reasons why certain places don’t have the business they’d like. There are so many of them, but as long as you the Owner or Talent Buyer and are serious about getting your room back in a groove then please give us a call or send us an email.

I was the Talent Buyer at Beat Kitchen (300) in 2001. It was a place where bands went to play their first show or their last show because they couldn’t get a gig in any kind of serious place. Now, I didn’t have any kind of experience booking shows. I came from the other side of being booking agent and an administrative assistant for bands. When that wasn’t going well enough I started House Call Entertainment, Inc. I had a belief that if I confirmed some amazing shows at Beat Kitchen and put some pieces together we could make this place fantastic, and we did!

In 2003 the owner of Subterranean (400) saw what I was doing. He also has a fantastic place but couldn’t find the right person to bring him shows. We worked an exclusive agreement for me to book his venue and he and I were inseparable. He actually bought Beat Kitchen and now I had two rooms and a staff. Life was good. It didn’t just magically happen it happened because I was guy who believed in the venues. I was willing to do whatever it took to get the show in one of or in both of our rooms. Then after I showed the owner on how well his rooms would do he fired me in August of 2013. I worked on commission for both of his rooms. He went after it and let me go.

Then in 2013 I went to Abbey Pub (550) where now I had all of my relationships in tact but no one thought bands would play there. Basically I took everything I had built into Beat Kitchen and Subterranean and put them into the Abbey Pub. Within a year and a half I had established the room with legitimacy of it being a place to play.

Now, how are we going to do this? We are going to talk and I will tell you on how to develop your room to sell tickets and we are also going to let you know on how you can get sponsorships to alleviate your risk. We will provide you with an in depth look at how long it’s going to take to build relationships with agents and get you sponsorships you need to charge up your room or festival. Please let me know if any of this sounds like something you’d like to do.


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